Phase 5 brings the biggest content package since the launch of WoW Classic to the live servers of the vanilla relaunch. And even though the class and talent changes made back then have been live for a long time, the Ahn'Qiraj patch will have a noticeable impact on various Classic classes. We'll tell you exactly how (and which classes will see little change) in the following.

How Classic Phase 5 will affect mages

  • Already, more and more mages are switching from Frost to Fire in order to deal tremendously high damage via Ignite on all non-fire-immune bosses in Molten Core and the Pitchwing Lair. In the raid challenges of Ahn'Qiraj, Fire will finally become the best playstyle with Phase 5, as the bugs will have no Fire immunities, while mages will gain potential access to some very strong cloth gear that will allow them to further boost their crit without sacrificing Hit and +spell damage.
  • The new class books for Fireball and Frostbolt provide even more damage.
  • The recipe for Elixir of Great Fire Power can drop from Phase 5. Also land with Formula: Gloves - Fire Power / Formula: Gloves - Frost Power and Formula: Excellent Spell Oil exciting schemes in the game.

How Classic Phase 5 affects rogues

  • Rogues might be the only class that can enjoy two armor sets at once, the Tier 0.5 and Tier 2.5 sets, which actually play an important role in the endgame. You can read more about this in the article WoW Classic: The coolest equipment for rogues in phase 5.
  • Phase 5 is the only Classic phase where daggers do more damage on paper (i.e. in simulations) than swords. The reasons for this: Stab of Death and Blessed Qirajipugio plus Guide to Assassination IX (while Sword Rogues don't get a useful class book in AQ20). Swords then move past daggers again with Phase 6.
  • Formula: Gloves - Superior Agility Rogues will be only too happy to use.

How Classic Phase 5 affects Druids

  • Druids who like to take on the role of tank will gain access to several powerful item upgrades with Phase 5 (applies similarly to cats), such as Blessed Qiraji Warhammer, Thick Qiraji Skin Belt, or Appearance of the Devourer. In addition, there is the Idol of Inhumanity and Formula: Gloves - Menace.
  • Healing Druids look forward to Book of Healing Touch XI, Book of Rejuvenation XI, Formula: Gloves - Healing Power, Formula: Excellent Mana Oil , and Idol of Rejuvenation or Idol of Health.

How Classic Phase 5 affects warlocks

  • Warlocks must take on the role of tank for the first time in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, equipped with a fair amount of Shadow Resistance to withstand the spell attacks of a Twin Emperor. Hopefully you've already farmed the appropriate gear for your raiding sorcerer!
  • Like mages, warlocks look forward to formula: Excellent Spell Oil. However, instead of Fire and Frost Power, they prefer the equally new Formula in most battles : Gloves - Shadow Power. Formula: Cloak - Subtlety may help a bit with the aggro issues, which certainly won't be any less frequent with better equipment. Also thanks to Spell Foliant of Shadow Lightning X.

Here's how Classic Phase 5 affects priests

  • Formula: Gloves - Shadow Power and Formula: Excellent Spell Oil for Shadow Priests, Formula : Gloves - Healing Power , and Formula: Excellent Mana Oil for the healing guild. The latter will also enjoy three class books with which they can improve healing spells.

This is how Classic Phase 5 affects warriors

  • Formula: Cloak - subtlety for offensive warriors, Formula: Gloves - Threat for the tanking faction. In addition, there are three exciting class books for the class, and even all fighters in the group benefit from Manual of Battle Cry VII.

Here's how Classic Phase 5 affects fighters

  • Formula: Gloves - Superior Agility and Formula: Two-Handed Weapon - Agility provide noticeably more mobility. The new class books bring a small DpS plus. However, since there are comparatively few item upgrades in the AQ raids, there is little else going on with the huntsman.

How Classic Phase 5 affects Paladins

  • The new Boon ranks for Might and Wisdom please not only Paladins, but the entire raid. Formula: Gloves - Healing Power as well as Formula: Excellent Mana Oil provide even more healing. In addition, there are a number of new volumes for Paladins, such as Book of Revelation.

How Classic Phase 5 affects shamans

  • Healing Shamans benefit greatly from the new AQ40 armor set, as they can use five pieces to further reduce the casting time of Chain Healing. It's a shame that Chain Healing can't be improved even further with the new totems and class books.
  • The new totem ranks for air-like grace and earth strength make shamans even more popular in melee groups.
  • Formula: Gloves - Healing Power as well as Formula: Excellent Mana Oil further increase healing potential.

To find out what other improvements you can expect with the upcoming phase, check out our big WoW Classic Phase 5 overview page.

Source: WowheadSupport

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