Despite the rising popularity of Mythic Plus dungeons, raids in World of Warcraft are considered to be (buy now 14,99 € ) are still considered the supreme discipline for many players, and every week thousands of groups fight their way through Ny'alotha to finish off N'Zoth and his henchmen. It is in the nature of WoW that some classes are more popular than others. On the one hand, there are classes and play styles that are generally more popular than others, but on the other hand, many players like to use the specs that promise the best performance. After we already looked at the performance of DpS playstyles a few weeks ago, today we want to take a look at which classes and specs are popular in Ny'alotha. Who are the most popular tanks and healers and what specs do the classes that have multiple DpS playstyles choose?

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - Mages at the top and bottom of the rankings

Table of Contents

  1. 1Themost popular tanks in Ny'alotha
  2. 2Themost popular healers in Ny'alotha
  3. 3Themost popular DpS playstyles in Ny'alotha
  4. 4Themost popular classes in Ny'alotha

Since Blizzard does not provide us with official numbers, we rely on the heroic logs from the site, which are publicly viewable. While these are not one hundred percent accurate, they should tend to give a good picture.

Review: These were the most popular classes in the Eternal Palace.

The most popular tanks in Ny'alotha

After topping all the leaderboards in raids for a long time, the Brewmaster has now been knocked off its throne. The enormous strength of the Death Knights has not only caused many top guilds to increasingly rely on the servants of the Lich King, but has also led to a change in average guilds. One of the main reasons for this is the massive magic damage that tanks in Ny'alotha have to deal with. Monks now have to settle for second place. They are followed by the two Shield Tanks, with the Demon Hunter and Druid some distance behind.

  • Blood Death Knight (24,04%)
  • Brewmaster Monk (21,37%)
  • Protection Warrior (16,36%)
  • Protection Paladin (15,36%)
  • Vengeful Demon Hunter (11,62%)
  • Guardian Druid (11,25%)

Most popular healers in Ny'alotha

There has also been a changing of the guard among healers. The Druid, long the most used healer in raids, has now been replaced by the Holy Paladin. This is due in part to the current weakness of the Retribution and Protection playstyles and the huge HpS numbers that Paladins can generate with their Light Shimmer playstyle. Taking the playstyles together, however, the Priest is the most popular class because it has two very different healer playstyles. If you take the Discipline Priest out of the equation, the distribution looks pretty good.

  • Holy Paladin (21,92%)
  • Restoration Druid (20,99%)
  • Saint-Priest (17,59%)
  • Restoration Shaman (17,06%)
  • Mistcaster Monk (15,72%)
  • Discipline Priest (6,72%)

The most popular DpS playstyles in Ny'alotha

The Demon Hunter remains the most played DpS class in Ny'alotha. There are hardly any reasons that could speak against it. The Devastator deals a lot of damage, is relatively easy to play and at the same time has immense mobility, a very good defense, a raid cooldown and an offensive buff that hardly any raid wants to go without. So it's almost surprising that there aren't more Glevenschwinger.
And the places behind them remain mostly as they were, with a few exceptions. The currently very strong Fire Mage is moving up, while the Priest's shadow play is slowly but surely being pushed down. Bringing up the rear, almost traditionally, are the Deception Rogues. Not even one per thousand of all players are deceivers. This number has dropped even further since we last took a look at the most popular play styles.

  • Devastation Demon Hunter (13,03%)
  • Beast Domination Hunter (11,73%)
  • Balance Druid (8,42%)
  • Fire Mage (8,16%)
  • Furor Warrior (7,91%)
  • Destruction Warlock (6,41%)
  • Retribution Paladin (5,79%)
  • Assassin Rogue (5,40%)
  • Elemental Shaman (4,50%)
  • Shadow Priest (4,18%)
  • Unholy Death Knight (3,90%)
  • Lawlessness Rogue (3,68%)
  • Windrunner Monk (2,72%)
  • Frost Mage (2,71%)
  • Weapon Warrior (2,43%)
  • Affliction Warlock (2,18%)
  • Frost Death Knight (1,72%)
  • Amplifier Shaman (1,50%)
  • Wildness Druid (1,27%)
  • Arcane Mage (0,78%)
  • Demonology Wizard (0,66%)
  • Marksmanship Hunter (0,56%)
  • Survival Hunter (0,28%)
  • Deception Rogue ( 0,09%)

Most popular classes in Ny'alotha

Taking the play styles of all classes together, the Druid is still the most popular class in raids - even if the lead has melted significantly. The Death Knight, on the other hand, remains the least popular class. Hard to believe, considering that there is no tank that is used as often as the Blood Death Knight. However, the two DpS playstyles, despite being in the solid middle of the DpS rankings, are extremely unpopular.
Mage and Demon Hunter are slowly but surely working their way up and gradually became more popular in the current expansion. The rest of the distribution remained the same. However, it is relaxing to see that the numbers do not differ dramatically. Even the least played class in the raid (Death Knight) still reaches over 50 percent of the most played class (Druid). That looked quite different in the past.

  • Druid (11,91%)
  • Demon Hunter (10,51%)
  • Paladin (9,66%)
  • Hunter (9,05%)
  • Warrior (9,04%)
  • Mage (8,38%)
  • Priest (7,45%)
  • Shaman (7,44%)
  • Monk (6,92%)
  • Warlock (6,66%)
  • Rogue (6,60%)
  • Death Knight (6,39%)

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How do you see it - do these numbers match your impressions from your raids? Or are you surprised about one or the other positioning?

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