Especially among the raiders in WoW the profession Engineer is very common, because it is the only profession that offers relevant advantages in the raid - for example an extra Sprint or an Absorb Shield. Really practical, however, is the Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands.

With it, you can teleport to any area of the current expansion - from Bastion to Korthia - at the push of a button. Unfortunately, there is no port to Zereth Mortis yet.

When Korthia came into the game with patch 9.1, the developers were generous and simply upgraded the wormhole generator for free. This was especially handy, since you could not only get to Korthia quickly, but also teleport directly to the Guardian's Refuge from the south of the area. With patch 9.2, however, engineers will have to do something for the further upgrade.

Upgrading from Paragon Crates

  • In order to port yourself to Zereth Mortis with the Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands as well, you will need the Enlightened Research to Portals item.
    • This item, however, is currently only available from the Paragon Crates of the new reputation faction The Enlightened Ones.

So in practice, you'll have to become awesome first and then add at least 10,000 reputation on top of that to get your first crate. If you're unlucky, you'll have to repeat this until you eventually get lucky. This is a huge grind and should take many weeks or months.

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Normally, it wouldn't be too dramatic if you have to farm for a long time for cosmetic rewards or the like. In that case, however, it's doubly bitter. Because until we're lucky enough to unlock the port to Zereth Mortis at some point, the area will hardly be interesting for anyone. Only a shorter way to the new raid should then be the benefit of the improved wormhole generator. That's a bit different than earning a transmog set or a mount.

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