With "Plaguefall" the developers of Blizzard have recently introduced the fourth 5-player dungeon of the upcoming expansion Shadowlands on the official WoW website - small story spoiler included! This one is located in Maldraxxus, where we will encounter all kinds of monstrosities. More dungeon preview articles can be found below:

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Official preview of the dungeon Plaguefall

The House of Plagues was once part of the immortal armies of Maldraxxus, sowing devastating destruction and untold suffering among the enemies of the Shadowlands. After the not-so-accidental demise of the House, many outsiders are now rushing to claim its poisonous secrets for themselves ... before they themselves are devoured by it.

  • Difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic, Mythic
  • Level: 50+ (One of four dungeons designed for leveling up)

The bosses in Plaguefall


Perhaps it will never be deciphered what really lies behind the plagues and slimes spawned by the fall of the House of Plagues, but the collection of slime and flesh that became Globgrog guards this treasure with fanatical zeal.

Doctor Ickus

The destruction of the House of Plagues and the ensuing explosions of slime cannot stop the arrogant genius of Doctor Ickus and his mad experiments.

Domina Poison Blade

Domina Poisonblade believes that the tool of her revenge for the fall of the House of Eyes is to be found in the Plague Fall. No one, not even her former allies, will stop her from taking the weapon hidden in those ruins.

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