Blizzard developers continue to prepare for the release of the third phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. Step 1 was already initiated some time ago: Black Temple and Battle for Hyjal have landed on the PTR. Step 2 is coming soon: On January 12, 2022, the second PvP season of TBC Classic will end. Here again is the official wording from the December 28, 2021 announcement:

Official announcement from Blizzard

It's time to storm into the arena with your team one last time to conquer the top of the leaderboard. There are two weeks left to go full throttle before PvP Season 2 ends on January 12.

PvP Season 3 and Content Phase 3 of Burning Crusade Classic will begin at a later date in early 2022. Keep an eye out on the official website and forums for more info.

Do you have what it takes to make a strong final push?

WoW: Humorous arena tournament trailer for Burning Crusade Classic

Season break and PvP gear

Last night, there was more information from Community Manager Kaivax about the upcoming season end in the official WoW forum

. As soon as Season 2 ends, the equipment from the Arena Season 1 set will be available for honor points. In addition, you will be able to purchase the Arena Season 2 set for a discounted price from the merchants in Area 52.

You will also no longer need to have reached a minimum rating to purchase the parts from the latter Season 2 sets. When Season 3 starts at some point (there is still no date), your remaining Arena Points will be converted into Honor, and you will be able to earn the Season 3 gear, of course.

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