When Tazavesh came to WoW's live servers with patch 9.1, enthusiasm was largely limited. Like past dungeons, the shrouded market was only available in mythical mode at the beginning. Stupidly, this didn't provide much incentive for most players to visit. And so many players only looked in once and then left the quite beautifully designed dungeons to the left for months.

This will certainly change with WoW Patch 9.2. As has been known for some time, the dungeon will now also be playable on Heroic difficulty and in a Mythic Plus variant. This means that it will be playable via the automated group search for the first time and will also offer high-level rewards with a matching keystone.

WoW: End of Eternity - Blizzard's survival guide for patch 9.2

Tazavesh is split in two

In order for the visits not to take too long, Tazavesh is divided into two parts, just like Mechagon and Karazhan before. However, there is one special feature. Unlike previous dungeons, the eight bosses are not evenly distributed. Due to the placement within the dungeon, the first part will contain five bosses, while only three bosses await you in the second part.

Shortly before the release of patch 9.2, Blizzard has now published an official preview, which we of course don't want to withhold from you.

Tazavesh, the Shrouded Market - Official Preview

The Heroic difficulty of Tazavesh, the Shrouded Market is available in the dungeon browser (I). The megadungeon is divided into two parts: Wondrous Streets and So'leah's Move. You need at least item level 185 to enter.

  • Bosses: 8 (5 and 3 each)
  • Difficulty: Heroic and Mythic
  • Level: 60

You can join and enter Tazavesh right away, but to get to the entrance of the dungeon you will have to complete a short series of quests. It begins with Innkeeper Ta'rela, the innkeeper in the Idyllia of Oribos. In the quest "Al'ter Crook of Oribos" you'll be tasked with meeting with the mysterious contact Al'dalil, who will introduce you to the world of cartels with their complex relationships and penchant for clever word games. He will occasionally help you find your way through the dungeon.

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WoW Patch 9.2: Official preview of Tazavesh heroic and mythic-plus (2) Source: Blizzard

Part 1 - Wondrous Roads

  • Zo'phex the Guardian - To gain entrance to the wonders hidden behind the golden gates of Tazavesh, you must pass Guardian Zo'phex. Zo'phex is the chief guardian of security and ensures with relentless severity that any contraband is burned immediately ... along with its owners, of course. along with their owners, of course.
  • The Great Menagerie - The Xy Cartel "acquires" rare and valuable items to sell. Exotic beasts, forbidden technology and even cursed artifacts - there is nothing they will shy away from. The cartel will procure whatever your heart desires ... as long as you put enough money on the table.
  • Mailroom Fiasco - Something has gone wrong at the P.O.S.T. (Primary Material Transport) office. Dimensional portals are distributing deliveries uncontrollably in all directions, and the office's automated control system has malfunctioned. If the chaos isn't brought under control soon, the city may soon be in a state of chaos... Only then, instead of parcels, the shreds will fly.
  • Myza's Oasis - The drinks are ethereal, the atmosphere is heady, and bouncer Zo'gron is impatient. If the artists of this oasis do not satisfy their audience, they will not leave this place as they entered it.
  • So'azmi - Among those midwayers who live by the Law of the Blade, none can match So'azmi's skill. As a deadly assassin of the So Cartel, So'azmi constantly strives to perfect his technique. He takes great pleasure in demonstrating his fighting skills to opponents and cutting them to pieces in the process.

WoW Patch 9.2: Official preview of Tazavesh heroic and mythic-plus (1) Source: Blizzard

Part 2 - So'leah's moveHylbrand

  • - The theft of an ancient Titan artifact awakened its protector: Hylbrand, Sword of the Guardians. If you fail to neutralize Hylbrand's myriad security protocols, you face a final move to the grave.
  • Time Captain Hooked Tail
  • - Months of planning fell apart when So'leah showed up in the middle of Time Captain Hooked Tail's raid and stole her loot. The rage-filled pirate queen reveals her true form and now tramples everyone in her path.
  • So'leah
- So'leah's hunger for power reaches its peak in this final battle. After unleashing a power she does not fully comprehend, the cartel leader is transformed into a creature of unbridled savagery. As more and more uncontrolled power pours from the artifact, So'leah must be stopped before her actions destroy the very foundation of the Shadowlands.

There's plenty of loot waiting for you - all you have to do is dig it up from the market stalls of Tazavesh. Gather your allies and get ready to bargain for your lives. Have you already visited Tazavesh in the mythical version and how did you like the dungeon? Can it keep up with Mechagon and Karazhan, or were you less than thrilled?

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