Update from July 05:
Over the past weekend, players of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic were able to test out the battlegrounds' trial of strength system (see original post), and our verdict: Awesome! Definitely keep it up, Blizzard! Instead of waiting an hour for each battleground sign-up, we waited only a few seconds. Even for Arena games, we had to wait longer on the weekend (around five to eight minutes). The short wait times are said to not only affect the level 70 area, but also lower level areas.

However, there were isolated criticisms: apparently, some players very often met fixed BG groups who wanted to get as much honor out of the weekend as possible, and were with their randomly assembled team without a chance. The wish of those concerned: Those who sign up for Battlegrounds with a full group should meet other groups first and foremost.

How was your PvP experience over the weekend? Should Blizzard make the trial of strength system permanent? Let us know in the comments!

Original news from 02 July:
We had reported on this a little over a week ago: Honor farming in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic is a horror - at least for the Horde side. The waiting times are so long that you have to go through a huge grind just to earn single PvP parts like the better PvP gem or hardening items for the non-set slots. If you want to earn all of the honor parts, you'll advance into the Rank 14 grind spheres from WoW (buy now €14,99 ) Classic.

The feedback from the community has not passed Blizzard by. In the official WoW forum, community manager Kaivax presented the developers' attempt at a solution a few hours ago. Here is the most important information from the rather long post.

  • Blizzard is introducing the Trial of Strength system on the live servers, allowing Horde vs Horde and Alliance vs Alliance Battlegrounds respectively.
  • You can still queue up for battlegrounds as usual, and the player search will first try to find you a match against the opposing faction. If you are unable to do so in a short amount of time, you will be matched against a team from your faction.
  • As usual, you will receive rewards such as honor and reputation.
  • Blizzard is still considering whether one side should be given masks and tabards of the opposing faction to simulate a military training maneuver.
  • The trial of strength system is not supposed to be available in Alterac Valley "because it was never part of the trial of strength. Plus, it would be pretty weird to have a team fighting side-by-side with a giant crowd of opposing NPCs."
  • This is a test that will run on the live servers over the weekend. For the scheduled maintenance on July 7, the developers plan to return the player search to its normal configuration and get to work on the analysis.

What do you think of this solution for the queue problem? Tell us in the comments!

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