With Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard sent us to a parallel dimension where the orcs never drank the demon blood. Instead of following the Burning Legion as slaves, the orcs founded the Iron Horde in it, an unstoppable army that threatened to overrun all of Azeroth.

Yet even in that very parallel world, Grom Hellscream, who led the Iron Horde in the second opening of the Dark Portal, could not escape his fate and the Legion. Gul'dan, Archimonde, and the Burning Legion once again brought disaster to the Mag'har orcs, and only the archmage Khadgar and our heroes were able to avert the impending doom of Draenor.

This extraordinary time travel story is one of the most exciting stories in World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ). So if you want to learn more about the fate of your new Mag'har Orc hero, we recommend that you definitely use the current experience point bonus for


leveling phase in Warlords of Draenor


But no matter which faction or race you belong to, the road to building your own garrison is long and tedious. However, we have a trick for those players who don't feel like the long WoD introduction scenario and would rather get started with the garrison and the main story right away (via Icy Veins). Keep in mind, however, that skipping the scenario will also cause you to lose a lot of experience points. You will need to meet the following requirements in order to progress faster:

  • Pathfinder of Draenor will help you travel from A to B, no matter where you start your journey in Draenor.
  • Inflatable Mounts is a good alternative if you haven't unlocked flying in Draenor yet. It will allow you to comfortably reach your main destinations and the respective areas via water.

The easiest way to Draenor: WoW: How to skip the Warlords of Draenor introductory scene (2) Source: buffed

  • Ask a high-level mage in the capital (or directly in the guild) to open a portal to Ashran for you. Travel from there with the flying mount to the respective starting area of your faction - or take the way over the water.
  • There is also an alternative way directly to Gorgrond. At level 90, take the portal from Stormwind/Orgrimmar to Jade Forest (Pandaria) and travel directly to Timeless Isle in Pandaria. There you will find an underwater cave (we marked the spot on the map in the picture). Sit on one of the chairs you find in the cave and then click on the campfire. Zack. You will be teleported to Gorgrond immediately. Fly or ride directly to Shadowmoon Vale or Frostfire Ridge.

Do you have any more tips for shortcuts on the way to max level? Write them to us!

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