Have you been working hard in the Maw to earn Ve'nari reputation and unlock the Beast Maze? If so, you can now take part in a new event that pits you against the rare Alterable Life Devourer enemy.

Changeable Life Eater Replaces Full Eaten Scheme Dog

Previously, you could face the Full Eaten Schemeshound in the Labyrinth, who dropped the Maw Mount Mawbound Soul Hunter (which you can also use to ride in the Maw), but now you will face the Life Eater. Defeat this foe in the event and you will receive 525 reputation points with Ve'nari and a rank of Eye of the Dungeon Master.

By the way, these beast hunts work similarly to Legion's invasions: There is a reset of the event twice a week, namely on the European servers on Wednesday at 08:00 German time and on Saturday at 08:00 German time. According to the authors of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Head, you will collect the reputation reward of Ve'nari once a week, if you have completed the associated boss.


total, there are four different beast hunts, which alternate regularly. If you complete all of them at least once and defeat all four bosses of the associated events, you will get the achievement Hunt Squad. Each hunt remains active for two weeks. Currently, it is still unclear whether the Changeable Life Eater will leave any relevant loot behind. At the moment, it seems that the event will only be worth it for the next two weeks for the reputation points at Ve'nari and the achievement progress. However, if we get more information about the Life Eater loot, we will update this article accordingly.

Source: WowheadSupport

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