Twinking and leveling new characters consists of one thing above all, besides accepting and giving them: running. We run from one place to another, from one quest giver to another, and from this mob to that item. To make all this traveling a bit more pleasant, Blizzard has come up with a small but nice change for the upcoming expansion Shadowlands


New heroes who set foot in Azeroth for the first time with Shadowlands will be able to ride horses starting at level 1


Blizzard revises the complete riding system of World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ). According to Wowhead, the level requirements for all riding skills will change accordingly:

  • Your character will automatically learn inexperienced riding at the first login (previously level 20).
  • Skilled riding (100 percent ground speed) can be learned from the riding instructor at level 17 (previously level 40).
  • Experienced riding (150 percent flying mount speed) can be learned at level 25 (previously level 60).
  • Skilled Riding (280 percent speed of flying mounts) can be learned at level 27 (previously level 70).
  • Masterful Riding (310 percent flying mount speed) can be learned at level 30 (previously level 80).

These adjustments are in line with Blizzard's new strategy for the leveling process in Shadowlands. Not only will the leveling process be faster than before, but it will also be easier for players to get started with the tutorial island called Exile.

We want to know from you: What do you think about players being able to use riding in Shadowlands much sooner than before? Write us your opinion about it in the comments!

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