If you want to get from one place to another in WoW, you have various ways to get there. From walking, riding, the deep railroad, a ship or zeppelin to portals and the good old flight master. The latter are probably the main means of transport in any expansion, as long as our heroes are not yet allowed to take to the air themselves via flight mounts. And that will probably be the case in Shadowlands as well. As in all previous expansions, there are various NPCs in the areas that send us criss-crossing through the air on our native flying mounts, so that we can arrive at our destination quickly and comfortably. But at least in Revendreth, in some areas you also get the opportunity to switch from air to road without having to ride or walk yourself.

In large parts of southern Revendreth, which is mainly used during leveling, namely several carriages operate on the main roads. These travel back and forth like a public bus, inviting foot-lazy heroes to take a ride. Unlike the flight routes, you can get on and off the carriages at any time. However, during the ride, because the little drivers don't think much of stopping.
Admittedly - the practical use of the carriages is limited, since they are not necessarily much faster than your own mount. But it contributes a lot to the atmosphere in Revendreth. In addition, it is a nice opportunity at the beginning to have a look at the area and to get an idea of Revendreth. The whole thing reminds a bit of the ship routes on Kul Tiras. These had flair, but were not necessarily practical.

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