If you play a hunter in WoW Classic, you have to be a bit strong. While the damage of the huntsmen was still really good in phase 1, it gradually went down in the DpS logs with each new phase as well as tier level. Other classes simply scale better with the new prey. Still, the huntsman is important in the PvE challenges because he is the best puller in the game and has a tool called the Lulling Shot that is worth its weight in gold against some enemies.

Hunters who would still like to deal noticeably more damage, however, don't have to wait until "The Burning Crusade Classic"


In the official patch notes of Phase 6 , the Blizzard developers announced an unexpected buff for all hunters: Many helpful auras and buffs that previously only increased attack power will also provide ranged attack power with the upcoming update. These effects could include Fengus' ferocity or Battlecry of the Dragonslayer.

Since this bug was never fixed in Vanilla at the time, the developers also provide an explanation right afterwards: At the time, this bug existed due to the technical limitations of WoW (buy now €14.99 ), and it was only fixed at a later time. However, during internal testing, the developers discovered that the problem also affects effects of the Tier 3 sets of Shamans and Paladins. All of these bugs will now be fixed in one fell swoop.The

fact that the developers also want to fix other bugs from Vanilla WoW in Classic, although these were not touched at the time, they had already announced in September. At that time it was specifically about improved weapon totems of the shamans. The effect does not affect the entire group of the totem expert, which was only adjusted in TBC. In Classic, however, they now want to fix the bug.

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