The leveling phase in WoW is often the reason for heated discussions. Some find it superfluous, while others think that it goes by much too quickly. Blizzard will therefore probably never achieve a perfect solution that everyone is happy with. Although, in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion, they are pulling some levers to finally turn the long grind through various obsolete stories into an enjoyable experience again. Until then, however, it will still take a few months. If you want to level up before then, Blizzard will at least provide you with the buff Wind of Wisdom which increases your experience points by 100 percent. If that's not enough, you can use heirlooms, potions, carousels and other things that increase your XP even more.

The player Lilcyborg has now proven how far you can push all this. He just threw in everything you can get and has already achieved 550 percent additional experience points. If he still logs out of the inn and secures the rest bonus, the experience points (for killing enemies) will increase to 650 percent. The player has secured the following buffs:

  • 300% - Elixir of the Lightning Thinker
  • 100% - Wind of Wisdom
  • 55% - Heirlooms
  • 50% - Enlightenment (for monks only)
  • 25% - War Mode
  • 10% - Yippee!
  • 10% - Distillate of the Ten Lands

WoW: Up to 650 percent more experience points? No problem (1) Source: reddit / ChickenSaladz Of course, these buffs don't apply at all levels or to all classes. But it's interesting to see how far you can push the game. By the way, according to the player himself, it took him about an hour to get from level 33 to level 60 - without hurrying much.

Do you also use XP buffs or do you prefer to leave them aside and enjoy leveling according to the motto "the way is the goal"?

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