The reputation buff Impressive Influence is Live! This will increase reputation rewards by 100% on the Shattered Isles, Argus, Kul Tiras, Zandalar, and Nazjatar. However, as previously announced, this unfortunately excludes the two Rajani factions added in Patch 8.3 and the Uldum Accord. After the buff was applied to the live servers, however, players noticed other positive and negative exceptions.

For example, those who diligently collect honey pieces for the Honeyback Swarm will be disappointed


Because although the bonus call applies to factions on Kul Tiras, an exception is made for the special bee faction. The players' displeasure spread in the forums. Blizzard's Customer Support announced on the forums that Impressive Influence only applies to factions in the level 110-120 range that can earn Paragan progress (reputation beyond Awesome) - and that doesn't include the Honeyback Swarm.

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In addition, it was discovered that the reputation buff also applies to missions at the mission table. This means that by earning Paragon rewards on Kul TIras and Zandalar, players can get these special rewards faster and collect even more Azerite to upgrade their necklace.

Otherwise, the reputation buff is not particularly interesting for most players at first glance. However, those who are still looking for the special Paragon rewards from Legion should take the chance now and expand their mount collection.

There are

five mounts available from the Legion factions, and on Argus you also have the chance to get the Lightpenetrated Elekk from the Army of Light.

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