The pacts play such an important role in the endgame of WoW: Shadowlands that the decision for a certain pact should not be final. Players therefore have the option to leave a pact once chosen and opt for another one. However, in order to prevent us from carelessly turning our backs on our active pact, Blizzard has introduced a kind of safety mechanism. Okay, actually there are five security mechanisms


because as Wowhead reports, the developers have now introduced the option to leave a pact in the beta of Shadowlands. It's actually quite simple - and yet complicated. Blizzard wants to know whether you are really and truly absolutely and ultimately sure that you want to change your pact.

Are you sure? Really sure? Absolutely sure?

So, when you talk to the ambassador of a foreign pact in the Oribos Enclave beta to change your pact and join that foreign pact, you have to click through not one or two or three dialog boxes, but five (sic!). The ambassador will first ask you if you are not mistaken and maybe just "jealous" of his pact.

If you

click on the option "I am sure", the ambassador will tell you that you have to be absolutely sure.

If you are "absolutely sure", a box will appear where you have to click on "accept" before the ambassador asks you if you want to swear allegiance to your new pact. If you choose the dialog option "I pledge allegiance to the [name of pact]," a final box will appear asking you to reconfirm leaving your current pact. Once you have completed all five confirmations, you will automatically cancel your current pact quest and lose your pact abilities before you begin the story campaign of your new pact.

If you want to return to your old pact now, you will need to talk to the respective pact ambassador in the Oribos Enclave


He will make it a little easier for you and will only ask you to confirm three times that you want to pledge allegiance to your old pact again. Before the pact takes you back, however, you'll have to complete a quest called "Prove Your Worth." The quest objectives are not available in the beta yet - so we don't know exactly what we need to do to return to an old pact. As soon as we know the details about it, though, we'll let you know.

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