The mythical final boss of a raid is not only the official end of the raid, but he also usually has the best loot in his luggage. Often it is not only weapons, armor or trinkets, but also a very special mount - usually matching the raid or the end boss. Since their drop chance is usually reduced from 100 to a few percent with the release of the next expansion, more and more groups are formed towards the end of the expansion that farm the raid once a week so that as many players in the group as possible can still get the coveted mount. And that's exactly what's currently happening in the Battle of Dazar'alor, where the Icy Tide Storm is waiting for successful groups.

WoW: Farm Jaina Mount now - Teleport sends you directly to the mythical final boss (4) Source: buffed Unfortunately, you can't save IDs in mythical mode, so groups have to go through the entire raid every week and defeat all the previous bosses. Unlike other raids where later farming was very popular (Night Fortress, for example), there is no way to skip the front bosses in Dazar'alor. This makes the hunt for that special mount a bit more time-consuming. But not for the Horde. There has been a bug there for some time now that allows resourceful players to use special abilities to get directly to Jaina in a dishonest way.

Instead of fixing this bug, the developers have now decided to open the direct path to the final boss for both factions. Therefore, two NPCs are now available at the entrances of the raid (Alliance: Ensign Roberts / Horde: Otoye). You can interact with them and have them send you directly to Jaina. However, this only works if you have already defeated Jaina at least once on the mythical difficulty level.

Source: wowhead Source: wowhead

Dungeons and Raids

  • Battle of Dazar'alor
    • Players who have previously defeated Lady Jaina Proudmoore on Mythic difficulty can now interact with Otoye (Horde) / Ensign Roberst (Alliance) at the entrance of the instance to skip ahead to her encounter.
      • Developers' note: We've become aware of an exploit that allowed Horde players using a combination of abilities and mounts to get out of bounds and skip to the end of the instance. This was commonly used to more easily get a chance at the Glacial Tidestorm from the Jaina Proudmoore encounter. Rather than just fixing that loophole, we'd like to provide a legitimate avenue that yields the same result.
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