A large part of the godlike Loa we met in Battle for Azeroth in Zandalar are dead. But eternal peace is not granted to their spirits in WoW Shadowlands. For in the Shadowlands, Mueh'zala, the Death Loa of the Sand Trolls, is reaching for ultimate power. It was he who whispered Sylvanas' name to the dying Vol'jin. This intrigue was planned by the banshee and Mueh'zala long ago. And although at the moment no one knows exactly what their goal is in Shadowlands, the whole plan has something to do with the mysterious jailer and his release.

What does Mueh'zala want? The WoW Shadowlands novel reveals it

In exchange for his intervention, Mueh'zala demanded from Sylvanas the head of his greatest rival - Bwonsamdi. This challenge, which is at the heart of the plot of the WoW novel Rise of the Shadows, is the final hurdle that Mueh'zala must overcome in order to ascend to the most powerful loa of the trolls. His most ardent wish does not come true in Shadowlands, however, as Vol'jin eventually challenges the treacherous Mueh'zala in the Shadowlands. In the Shadowlands dungeon "The Other Side", our heroes and the Shadowhunter confront the Loa and make him pay for his treachery.

The remarkable thing about fighting Mueh'zala is that he can easily switch between many different cosmic dimensions. Thus, he is not trapped in the shadow lands, but voluntarily perseveres in the realm of the dead to consume the power of remaining dead loa. In battle, he turns out to be a true master of blood and shadow magic, as well as necromancy.

What do we know about Mueh'zala in WoW so far?

There is little solid information about Mueh'zala himself. The sand trolls have feared the loa for his evil whims. Mueh'zala's epithets are God of Death, Father of Sleep, Son of Time, and Nightfriend. Il'gynoth mentioned Mueh'zala in his prophecies in connection with Sylvanas' plan, "Before the last shadow falls, the Father of Sleep will enjoy his meal." The shadow is the veil that separated the world of the living from the realm of the dead. Father of Sleep refers to Mueh'zala, who consumed countless souls of trolls and loa in Legion and BfA.

Mueh'zala is also briefly described in WoW book Traveler: The Spiral Path. The Loa not only has multiple physical forms in Azeroth, but also appears as a menacing shadow that whispers all sorts of things to its victims. In WoW Shadowlands, we see for the first time what Mueh'zala looks like in reality. The developers' first draft shows a beefy troll with a white mane and multiple tusks and horns. With the latest build of Shadowlands Alpha, a new model of Deathloah came into play. Now Mueh'zala looks more like a ghost. Here is the comparison:

Mueh'zala in WoW Shadowlands OldFullscreenSliderNew

What do you think of the new model? Did you notice any other interesting details about Mueh'zala's story in World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € )? Let us know in the comments!

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