Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, is one of the central end-game features of WoW: Shadowlands. If you want to survive in it, you have to prepare properly. That's where the so-called Animaboni come into play: We can find various anima cells in Torghast, through which we can unlock and use class-specific advantages in addition to general bonuses. We have the option of activating various bonuses simultaneously and stacking their effects.

Blizzard has in the alpha of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ): Shadowlands already implemented various of these bonuses for individual classes. In this article, we will introduce you to the anima bonuses for shamans (via Vanion). Keep in mind, however, that this is the status of the current alpha version - so the bonuses may change quite a bit before the release of Shadowlands.

The Animaboni of Torghast - All shaman bonuses at a glance.

Shamans can collect the Anima Cells in Torghast to unlock the following bonuses:

  • All-Consuming Blaze - Fire damage dealt by you and your elementals increases the damage the target takes from Lava Eruption by 3%. Stackable up to 99 times.
  • Ancestral Fury - Heroism / Battle Fury grants an additional ten percent speed.
  • Astral Protection - Astral Shift duration is increased by ten seconds.
  • Call of Earth - Earth Shock, Earth Elemental, and Earthquake damage is increased by 40 percent.
  • Call of Fire - Damage from Flame Shock, Lava Eruption, Lava Ray, and Fire Elemental is increased by 20%.
  • Call of Lightning - The damage from Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning Bolt, and Storm Elemental is increased by 30 percent.
  • Chains of Devastation - If you cast Chain Heal, the next use of Chain Lightning Strike becomes an instant cast spell. If you cast Chain Lightning Strike, the next use of Chain Heal becomes an instant cast spell.
  • Chilled to the Core - Frost Shock reduces enemy damage dealt by 25% for 10 seconds.
  • Deep Tremors - The Earth Elemental permanently casts Earth Tremors under itself.
  • Draining Hex - Hex now robs the target of two percent of their maximum health every two seconds and transfers it to the Shaman. This damage does not interrupt Hexing.
  • Earthen Protector - The cooldown from Earth Elemental is reduced by 20%.
  • Elemental Control - Each trigger of Lavasog / Stormbringer increases the damage of Lava Eruption / Storm Strike by fümf percent. After 50 stacks, the ability cooldown is reduced by 50 percent.
  • Elemental Preservation - Targets healed by your Healing Flow Totem take 25% less damage for 10 seconds.
  • Elemental Resistance - While Astral Shift is active, there is a 25% chance that the Shaman will become resistant to a spell used against him by an enemy.
  • Energetic Totems - Each active totem increases your damage and healing by 40 percent.
  • Fatal Freeze - Frost Shock instantly kills targets whose Health drops below ten percent.
  • Flowing Streams - When your Healing Flow Totem heals a target, you automatically and instantly cast a chain heal on the target.
  • Ghostly Speed - Ghostly Wolf increases your movement speed by an additional 20%.
  • Ignan Oblation - When you summon your Storm Elemental / Fire Elemental, Ascendancy automatically activates for ten seconds.
  • Magma Fist - Lava Eruption knocks the target back.
  • Mawrats on Ice - Frost Shock kills Mawrats instantly.
  • Mountains Will Fall - Your mastery affects earthquakes and can trigger an elemental overcharge.
  • Ready for Battle - Your first use of Heroism / Battle Frenzy on a level does not trigger an exhaustion effect, and you can use Heroism / Battle Frenzy for the first time on a level even if you are suffering from an exhaustion effect.
  • Secret of Living Flame - Your fire elemental is permanently active, but you can no longer cast frost spells. This includes Frost Shock, Elemental Strike, Ice Furor, and Waterwalk.
  • Shake the Foundations - When you use Earthquake, Chain Lightning Strike is also automatically cast on a random target in the effect area.
  • Soothing Waters - Healing from Totem of the Healing River is increased by 100%.
  • Storm Conduit - Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning Bolt deal 30 percent more damage.
  • Static Instability - When you stun or knock back an enemy, their damage taken is increased by 25 percent.
  • Stream of Life - When near a totem, you will be healed every two seconds.
  • Maximum Capacity - The duration of your Energy Storage totem's stun is increased by 100 percent. If the totem disappears, another Energy Storage Totem will automatically appear in the same location.
  • Tectonic Storm - Chain Lightning Strike triggers an elemental overcharge whenever you hit a target that is in your earthquake.
  • Thermal Harmony - When you cast Flame Shock, Frost Shock is also cast at the same time.
  • Totemic Calling - When you summon a Totem, another random Totem is also summoned at the same time.
  • Tsunami - If you have less than 50% Health, the casting time of any healing spell is reduced by 20%.
  • Unleashed Fury - When under the effect of Heroism / Battle Fury, Ascendancy is also activated at the same time.
  • Unstable Terrain - Earthquake reduces the movement speed of targets by 30 percent.
  • Unquenchable Flame - Flame Shock now remains permanently on targets.
  • Wailing Winds - Wind Blast cooldown is reduced by three seconds.
  • Lingering Reverberations - Earthquake lasts two seconds longer than normal.
  • Cracking Fissure - Earthquake affects an area 30 percent larger than normal.
  • Violent Tremors - Earthquake damage is increased by 20 percent, or 50 percent if there is only one target in the area.
  • Earthen Resonance - For each active earthquake, your intelligence increases by ten percent.
  • Totemic Slam - Whenever you summon a totem, an earthquake will appear under the totem.
  • Improved Healing Surge - Healing from Healing Surge is increased by 100 percent.
  • Blessing of Ahune - Frost Shock reduces movement speed by an additional 20 percent and lasts six seconds longer.
  • Molten Shock - Using Earth Shock grants you Lava Suck.
  • By Fire Be Purged - When you successfully purge a target, you cast Lava Eruption.
  • Galvanizing Nimbus - Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning Bolt, and their overcharges increase the damage of your next use of Thunderstorm by 150 percent. Stackable up to 30 times.
  • Quick Burn - Flame Shock's damage over time now deals damage 20 percent more often.
  • Totemic Warrior - Placing a totem will trigger Heroism / Battle Frenzy for five seconds.
  • Call of the Elements - Healing River Totem and Burning Totem no longer have a fixed duration and teleport to your current location every ten seconds.
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