An interesting concept drawing from a very early development phase of Vanilla WoW has recently surfaced on Reddit, showing the Scarlet Monastery.


that time, the developers at Blizzard had the plan to create a huge mega-dungeon with the monastery.

In this original concept, we would have first reached the Hall of Heroes from the Hall of Visitors and then the Torture Chamber and the Library, before finally ending up in the Cathedral area. But see for yourself - on the left the old concept, on the right the finally published version with the four wings separated from each other:

An Early Scarlet Monastery map shows that it was intended to be one long mega-sized dungeon

.The concept thus confirms an exciting detail from the WoW development history, which was already discussed in 2016 in a video by the now sadly deceased Youtuber Hayven. There, we also learn that the monastery was supposed to be designed for characters of levels 20 to 27 and that the non-instanced entrance area, which leads to the four dungeon entrances in Classic, belonged to the instance itself at the time. Even otherwise, the old concept consists of many areas that we know from the wings. Only the graveyard was missing in the original concept. It's still worth watching Hayven's interesting video today:

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What's your opinion: Would you have liked to visit this originally planned mega dungeon, or are you glad that the monastery is split into four independent wings? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Scrolls of Lore / Hayven GamesSupport

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