If you only want to play WoW (buy now €14.99) to collect all the mounts from Battle for Azeroth, you've got a mountain of work ahead of you. Because the expansion basically tempts you at every turn with new mounts that you can buy, earn or, if you're lucky, capture. But even if you've done perfectly and have been very blessed by random drops so far, there's one mount you won't have: the Onyx War Hyena. Theoretically - according to the tooltip - since patch 8.1, there have been reins of the Onyx War Hyena as a drop from a rated arena or battleground. The problem: not a single adventurer got them.

Onyx War Hyena - the WoW mount that never lived

The second PvP season gave players plenty of opportunity to capture the hyena, but no one was so lucky. The third and the fourth seasons also did not provide any WoW player with a sinister Onyx War Hyena so far. The hotfix notes from February 10 have now buried the hopes of mount collectors for the time being:

"The reins of the Onyx War Hyena are now no longer displayed in the mount overview," it says without further explanation at the end of the changes overview. In the English version, the whole thing is even described as a fixed problem. Accordingly, the visibility of the Onyx War Hyena in the mount overview in WoW is said to have been unintentional.


exactly the problem with the mount was, we may never know. Possibly the mount, which is basically designed, will come into play at a later point. However, you don't need to hope for a drop for now. This is especially a bummer for hyena fans on the Alliance side, as they now have no way to get their hands on a hyena. Horde players will get one Hyena each via the reputation merchant in Vol'dun and the Vulpera unlock.

Source: worldofwarcraft.com, VanionSupport

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