The announcements about the future of WoW have been long awaited. Now there's the certainty that it will soon take us to the Dragon Isles, that it will introduce a new race in the form of the Dracthyr, and that, above all, many changes to outdated and disgraced systems will come into play.

Never before have these announcements been scrutinized as much as they are now. The reason? Players no longer want to be hyped into bottomless enthusiasm just because the folks at Blizzard know how to scream "For the Horde" and "For the Alliance." There needs to be something more after Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands. More enjoyment of the game. More implementation of player feedback. It will take more than just baseless promises to bring a glow back into the eyes of WoW fans. Because they now belong to the faction of healthy skeptics. Dragonflight will decide what the future of WoW will look like.

That's why we at will be checking in regularly to see how you like the Dragonflight announcements when there's new fodder again. Of course we want to know: Do you like the direction the WoW warhorse is taking? That's why we've already had the first poll, in which more than 3,200 WoW fans and buffed readers participated. The fact that the relationship between developers and players mentioned at the beginning is difficult is also reflected in the results.

Positive mood

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"In a reverse school grading system, one star equals "insufficient" and six stars mean "very good", the survey participants gave the Dragonflight announcement an average of 4.2; almost 50 percent of the votes fell on five or six stars. That's already a bit stronger than "just" cautious optimism. In particular, the look of Dragon Islands (4.6 stars on average) and Dragonflight (4.8 stars on average) came away very positively. Wow! That means you haven't given up on WoW yet!



but there's something


When we asked what you were missing from the Dragonflight announcement, however, the top answers included "More information about the endgame" (38.93 percent), "More about the story" (38.87 percent), and "A gripping, emotional cinematic" (32.87 percent). At this point, multiple answers were possible, but one thing stands out: The makers of the online role-playing game have been holding back on information that players would have liked to have.

Endgame? What kind of dungeons and raids are there? Story? What is it actually about? Because despite all the enthusiasm for Stoneboy Koranos: Many passionate followers of WoW left the cinematic pretty cold. Would it have come across better if Alexstrasza and her aspect colleagues could have been admired in their humanoid form?
What was missing from the Dragonflight announcement? Definitely something about the endgame. Source: buffed

In general, the announcements about Dragonflight's system changes have also given the impression that some of them are still in the planning phase and are not yet fully developed. As if the people at Blizzard had collected the ideas, but had not yet subjected them to a feasibility study.

Apart from the unannounced housing, of course! That this is currently not feasible, because it would consume a lot of working time, the devs have already let through. But dear WoW friends, they know that there are a lot of players who would like to have housing. Maybe there will be better news for you in the post-Dragonflight time!

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