Soon the time will come. Shortly after buying the rights to CurseForge, Overwolf announced that it would launch its own client for installing and managing mods, which include WoW addons. The old CurseForge client was to be relaunched as the CurseForge App. This has now happened and the new app is already in open beta. However, this also means the end of the Twitch app as we know it. It will still exist, but it will lose the mod management function. The entire mod tab will be removed from the app, which will then actually only function as a platform for streaming. Now Twitch has also announced when the section will be removed. On December 2, the time has come and the WoW addons will finally disappear from the Twitch app.

You can download the new CurseForge app here.

As of this writing, if you want to continue managing and installing your WoW addons via an external program, you'll have to say goodbye to the Twitch software and fall back on the new CurseForge app. Or you can use our BLASC software. Alternatively, you can of course download WoW addons from sites like or and place them manually in the respective folder. However, this is quite time-consuming especially when using numerous addons and especially at the start of WoW Shadowlands. Because for new expansions, the addons naturally have to be updated quite often, because the developers have to adapt them to the new content, which always causes small bugs and hotfixes.

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