Nostalgics and Classic fans, take note! Tomorrow, on November 17, 2021 (at 00:00 CET), the first season of the WoW Classic championship will start. In our big overview article on "WoW Classic Fresh", we already presented the most important changes and innovations for the third adventure round through the original Azeroth.

If that's not enough, you can now browse through an official list of all adjustments made by Blizzard itself. The length of the list makes it clear: Instead of the #somechanges from WoW Classic, we can expect #manychanges in vanilla WoW 3.0 this time. The changes will affect game systems, professions, PvP and PvE challenge and much more.

List of changes for the championship season


  • All characters below level 60 will receive the buff "Adventure Awaits You."
    • This buff increases the experience received for quests given by 40%.
    • This buff also grants additional bonus experience for party and dungeon quests.
  • In raid instances, players cannot benefit from global buffs such as Battlecry of the Dragonslayer, Blessing of the Warchief, and Spirit of Zandalar.
  • Limits on buff and debuff effects are removed.
  • Players who kill an enemy while in a party with players of a much higher level than the defeated enemy will receive significantly less experience.
  • Adjusted experience calculations for enemies claimed by one player or group but killed by other players or groups.
  • The group search tool from Burning Crusade Classic is available in Championship Season.
  • Improvements to chat message feedback is available.
  • Chat confirmations have been added for players who report misbehavior in chat and for those who are likely to be reported.
  • Those who report a player for verbal harassment or other disruptive behavior in game chat will now receive a confirmation when we take action against that player.
  • If your behavior has moderately worsened, you will receive a warning. This will give you a chance to mend your ways before a penalty is imposed.
  • In acute cases of very inappropriate behavior, the system may skip the warning and take immediate action.
  • /ignore now blocks all characters on the ignored player's WoW account.
WoW: Retro trailer - WoW Classic cinematic


  • There will be significant adjustments for enemies in Onyxia's Hoard and Molten Core:
  • Bosses and other creatures in boss fights now have more health.
  • Many existing boss mechanics have been strengthened and new mechanics have been introduced to challenge players in the Championship season.
  • The availability of mining deposits and herbalism source has been significantly increased in all zones. In addition:
  • High-level herbalists have a small chance of obtaining Black Lotus when gathering at a high-level herbalism source.
  • More Plague Flowers have been added in the Western and Eastern Plaguelands.
  • Herbalism source in dungeons have been adjusted and the number increased.
  • The availability of certain crafting materials such as Elemental Fire, Elemental Earth, and Elemental Water has been increased.
  • High Elf Watchers have appeared in Ironforge and Undercity to detect adventurers wearing an "Iron Soul".
  • There are minor adjustments for some dungeon enemies:
    • Stratholme - All undead in Stratholme become immune to slowdowns after 30 sec in combat. After another 30 sec in combat, they become immune to movement incapacities.
    • Maraudon - Many creatures in Maraudon become immune to slowdowns after 30 sec in combat. After another 30 sec in combat, they become immune to movement disabilities.
    • Maraudon - 30 sec after gaining immunity to movement incapacities, the movement speed of enemies is increased by 50%.
    • Maraudon and Stratholme - Loss of control effects of any kind (except slowdowns and movement incapacities) reset immunity to slowdowns and movement incapacities and increased movement speed.
    • Zul'Farrak - Zombie rolls in Zul'Farrak now yield less lucrative loot. Much of the loot that zombie trolls previously brought has been split between other enemies in the dungeon.
    • The denizens of Blackrock Depths have become aware of criminal activity and now try to hide their most valuable belongings if they suspect a thief among their ranks.
  • The cost of training riding skills and purchasing mounts at level 40 has been lowered.
  • Bleak Quarry will be available at the beginning of the Mastery season.
  • The Gordok tribute in Bleak Quarry can no longer be looted by players who are not on the King Gordok table list after he has been defeated.
  • The changes made to dungeon rewards in patch 1.10 will apply from the start of the Championship season. This also affects the availability of idols, book tomes, and totems, as well as the adjusted loot locations and loot probabilities of items like the Hand of Justice in the Blackrock Depths.
  • The changes and enhancements made to armorers and loot rates in patches 1.6 through 1.11 will apply from the start of the Championship season, with some exceptions:
  • Items from vendors or those related to reputation factions that will not become available until a later content phase, such as the Zandalari tribe.
  • The (world loot) plans for Spats of the Titans and Sage Blade will become available in a later content phase.
  • To facilitate the completion of the Dungeon Set 2 questlines at the beginning of the Mastery season, you will be able to summon Templar and Prince elementals at the Shadowhammer camp in Silithus.
  • Please note that the remaining activities in Cenarius Castle and Silithus related to Anh'Qiraj will not become available until the start of the Anh'Qiraj War event.
  • Level 50 and above class quests will be available at the start of the Mastery season.
  • Healing from the effect when using the Diamond Vial trinket will no longer be boostedby bonus healing or spell power.


  • We have doubled the maximum for weekly gained ladder progress. Committed players who reach the top of their realm and faction ladder each week will be able to progress about twice as fast as in the original World of Warcraft (buy now €14.99 ) Ranks.
  • Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and Alterac Valley will be available at the beginning of the Season of Mastery, including their respective factions and rewards.
  • The Season of Mastery brings back many Horde and Alliance NPC guards that were removed from Alterac Valley in patch 1.11 in the original World of Warcraft.
  • We are activating objectives for World PvP in the Eastern Plaguelands at the beginning of the Season of Mastery.


: Blizzard

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