While Asmongold already said goodbye to WoW Classic last year (too much drama and stress), there are other well-known Youtubers and streamers who continue to spend a lot of time with the vanilla re-release. One of the most famous is Esfand, who continues to indulge his Retri Paladin passion in Classic and seems to be magically attracted to legendary drops.

Clearly, the Paladin class plays a dominant role in Esfand's videos and streams


According to a post on Reddit, he is said to have stolen many of the tips and insights on the Paladin taught in the streams and videos from the Theorycrafting Paladin Discord. At the very least, according to the post, several sources claim that Esfand repeatedly incorporated the insights and content identified by the group into his videos without giving credit to the creators. Therefore, after a meeting and a vote, the moderators of the server have decided to ban Esfand from the Discord.

Esfand takes streaming break

Almost simultaneously, Esfand posted a lengthy text on TwitLonger to announce a break from streaming. However, the kicking out of the Paladin Discord is not mentioned here. Rather, Esfand wants to take a break because he feels burned out and overwhelmed.

He is

currently working on his house, has a lot on his plate in terms of organization and sponsoring, leads a large Classic guild, is working on rank 14 on the side and is preparing for the AQ opening (in the course of which he wants to earn the mount), and on top of all that he is suffering more

from the

symptoms of ADHD again and hardly gets any rest at night.

At the same time, Esfand has noticed lately that all the Classic successes he has achieved do not make him as happy as he had assumed or hoped before



Moreover, the quality of his streams would suffer from the current situation. In the near future, he wants to make a head about how to continue on his channels in the future. As soon as there is an update, we will of course keep you informed.

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