The US guild Limit has already announced before the opening of the new WoW raid Ny'alotha to make even more efforts this time to finally bring the World First Kill of a final boss back to the US. The last time the players of Blood Legion in Mists of Pandaria succeeded in doing that. For this, the players not only invested an incredible amount of time in the preparation and the actual race, but also an enormous amount of gold. Various split runs and the farming of island expeditions to bring the Heart of Azeroth to level 80 demanded a lot from the players. In addition, the guild leadership had to prepare meticulously to make all runs as efficient as possible and to prepare the best possible tactics for the individual bosses.

However, in order to be optimally equipped, the appropriate spoilage effects were needed


However, the amount of items a player can get was limited despite all the efforts. Fortunately, there are also the so-called BoE items in Ny'alotha. These are items that are not bound to the character when they are picked up, but only when they are put on (BoE = Bind on Equip). These can then be sold via the auction house, for example. Since these items can also be equipped with spoilage effects, the top raiders had the possibility to equip all players with the perfect effects. However, they had to dig very deep into their pockets for this.

We're 250 million gold in debt because of corruption BOEs WAHOO that's like 40k in wow tokens-

max (@maximumwow) February 6, 2020

Because in addition to the actual BoEs, countless server transfers had to be paid so that the items from other servers arrive on Limit's home server US-Illidan. Exactly how much gold Limit spent on this remains a secret. However, Guildmaster Max announced via Twitter that Limit is left with a mountain of debt of a gigantic 250 million gold after the World First Race. This is what friendly players either lent them or gave them items with the promise of being paid for them later. If you convert the 250 million gold via WoW tokens (buy now €14.99 ), you end up with about $40,000 in debt!!! Or on 50 auction house mounts.

So for Limit, whose strategy was quite successful, more sell runs are on the agenda again in the near future to work off the debt. Mocking voices already suggest to take method members with you on the first sell run, so that they can finally defeat the boss.

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